Essential Oils

Essential Oils

lavender oil and flowerA new and very important addition to New Pathway To Health. doTERRA Essential Oils are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and allow the individual to improve their health, their environment and aid in healing.

Suitable for everyone from 2-weeks and older, the oils are a return to using plants in our medicine cabinets instead of the ever-increasing use of antibiotics, which are causing super-bugs.


Learn About the Oils: 

  • Learn more about these amazing oils by having a conversation with me and get a chance to experience them first hand.
  • Hold a class in your home with a few friends. I will come and teach about the oils and not try to ‘sell’ them—the oils do that! You, as the host or hostess, receive free products.
  • There are opportunities to make money yourself and I am more than happy to mentor you.

lavender and bottle

Why I love doTERRA

“Since I started using the oils back in November 2015, I am never without them. My desire is to share the knowledge of alternative natural health with everyone that I can. I look around and see people abusing their health and want to educate them about another way. The way of empowerment that’s affordable, pure and safe for them and their families.”

If you are open to this valuable exploration, please Contact Me and let’s talk about what your needs are so that I can send you some samples to try and experience the joy and power of doTERRA Essential Oils.