I really like people, and would say that the majority of the people I meet, like me. I love to hear their stories, about their families and even their difficulties.People make me feel uplifted and connected. 

I wanted to state that at the beginning of this email so that you wouldn’t think I was an ogre or one of those women who think everyone else is a bitch! What I can’t stand and step back from are those people who are vampires!

What is a vampire in this sense? —not someone who sucks your blood, but instead,sucks your energy and at first you don’t know why. For many years, I would occasionally meet the ‘vampire’ and had no clue of why I felt upset, exhausted and didn’t want to be near them—then someone told me about the ‘vampire.’

I probably should have known because my mother was one, and, as a child was totally unaware of what was going on—I instead felt depressed and unloved. But now I know and I want to share with you what I have learned.

As I said, I have met very few that I had to exclude from my life for my sanity and to save my energy. These people are often very friendly at first and you’re engaged! Then, they start monopolizing your time and repeatedly telling you their story and what they need! It’s not an even exchange of thoughts and ideas—they want your attention and will keep talking so that no one else can have it. After an encounter, you feel wiped out and sometimes feel inadequate that you couldn’t help them through their trials. But then you figure it out—they are using your energy to energize themselves and to put themselves on a pedestal. They feel they are better than you.

Do you know what happens next? They don’t like you or what you are doing and they start complaining that they had trusted you and you didn’t come through! They leave you feeling crazy and shaking your head asking, “what did I do?”

I don’t mean to sound so morbid, but since I have been made aware of the vampire existence, my life and my energy have soared. I have found that I just need to cut them out of my life, put up my energy boundary and put my attention to all those wonderful people who exist in my world. Oh, if I run into them, I am cordial, but I protect my neck and don’t let them grab me! 

I also send them positive thoughts. They are the way they are because of someone or something happened in their life to make them insecure and needy. I feel sorry for them and wish them the best—they are only doing what they have learned. I do not, however, re-engage with them on a personal level because I have learned my lesson.

I know this is rather a downer email, but it is part of life! I just want you to be aware so that you are not sucked dry and feel like it’s you, because it’s not!

Live your life in positivity, give someone a break and look for those connections that make you feel lighter and happy!
Take care,