About New Pathway to Health


I started my business, New Pathway to Health LLC, about 6 years ago. Originally its sole purpose was to coach women about weight loss, but it has morphed into so much more. Today, New Pathway to Health is an umbrella company specializing in three different entities that can be combined in any way your health deserves:

  1. Extraordinary Women After 45: Lose the Diet and the Weight Once and For All. (Really, no dieting in this program and, yet, its effective in reducing weight and keeping it off).
  1. HeartMath® for All Ages: Individuals and Corporations: Simple Stress Relieving Techniques for Everyone. (When I say simple, the techniques last from a few seconds to 15-20 minutes).
  1. doTERRA Essential Oils: Solve Health Difficulties, Remove Toxins and Clean-Up Your Life. (Essential Oils in Individual Oils, Blends, Cleaning, Pets, Emotions…and more!)

Choose your need or needs and transform your life or your Corporation and your program will be personally designed to help you reach your goals!

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